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Unsolicited remarks over the years

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we miss you and all who work for you! Anna was your student for a time back a couple years ago. She took preschool ballet for a couple years. We moved out to Washington state. Anna had such a love of dance and learned so much while at your studio. We have since been to a couple different dance studios here and let me tell you, nothing compares! Nothing even comes close! You are wonderful! So professional! So fun! So knowledgable! So caring! I loved how you took such pride in your students! You should be proud! All your teachers are so sweet, caring and patient! The women who worked the front desk(I can't remember her name) was wonderful! She was so friendly and was on top of everything!  All your information you sent out was clear and easily understood! I loved how you were present and connected with parents! The recitals were spectacular!  Anna has had some teachers she has liked here and some not at all, where we have watched her love of dance decline. She knows how I have wished we could find a place like yours and she has said she misses her Iowa dance studio!  So thank you! Thank you for the wonderful experience and memories!!!

We Miss You!


Words cannot express how much you mean to our family. You are a role model, teacher + special member of our family... I am forever thankful and grateful to you for all that you have done and continue to do.

Forever Thankful


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was by every dancer who attended the workshop. Everyone was polite, attentive and open to a guest teacher. Each dancer knew how to work and how to take corrections, not only in terms of how to process them mentally and apply them physically, but also how to accept them POSITIVELY....I know all of this is thanks to Kate's teaching not only excellent technique but passing on the traditional class behavior we were both taught when we were students.

Dancer’s Positive Attitudes


We talk about you often as Melissa really enjoys dance - talk of a minor in college so will see where that goes! She loves dance thanks to you. All of her teachers comment on how well trained she is - credit to you also!... She had a great time doing the Chinese Variation with the Moscow Ballet - what an experience!

Great Training


You have been like family, and I will miss you so very much!

Like Family


I enjoyed the recital as an audience member, as a parent & as a stage director....I know that the hallmark of a good teacher/director/choreographer is that everyone on that stage looks good, and that's what you accomplished in your work....I also believe that a piece of creative work directly mirrors the spirit of the creator & what I saw on Sunday was lively, intelligent, passionate & life-giving. My thank you is as filled with admiration as it is gratitude.

Admiration & Gratitude


I hope we can keep in touch after I graduate. You're a wonderful person and you've helped me to love and cherish dance. I hope you continue to touch the lives of others the same way you've touched mine.

Touching Lives


Thanks for giving me so many corrections and compliments so that I could get better at dance. Thank you very much!!

Thanks for your attention


You have not only taught me how to dance, but how to be respectful, kind, loyal and dedicated. You really are an amazing teacher. I will always appreciate you and what you have taught me. My deepest thanks,

Teaching more than dance!


Thanks so much for being such an awesome dance teacher and great role model! I really appreciate all that you have done for me! Thanks for believing in me! You're the best!

Great role model!


Thanks for inviting me to perform at your recitals. I was very impressed with all your dancers and the staging + professionalism of the events. Those kids really got a strong dose of how it feels to perform.

Staging Professionalism


Thank you for all your hard work, & for listening to me when I was having a bad day. My three kids love dancing & I credit both of you for all the special attention you give them. Thanks again so much!

Special Attention


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